Corona Premier Lager – Beer – 6x 12oz Bottles

The ideal gift! Buy the best pale lager online. Price and reviews available for Corona Premier Lager – Beer – 6x 12oz Bottles. Corona Premier Mexican Lager Beer is the light beer experience you desire, offering an exceptionally smooth taste with fewer calories than both Corona Extra and Corona Light. This lower-calorie*, lower-carb Corona beer contains just 90 calories per 12 oz serving, but with a flavor that is equally as satisfying. This Mexican lager style beer is made with barley malt, unmalted cereals, hops, and bottom-fermenting yeast. The result is a perfectly balanced and drinkable Corona beer with a touch of sweetness and a clean, pleasantly dry finish. Perfect for pairing with grilled pork and chicken, seafood and shellfish, and other fresh dishes, this imported beer also is the ideal complement to Mexican food. Its crisp, refreshing taste is a great complement as a Thanksgiving beer or Friendsgiving beer to holiday dinners with turkey and/or ham, a wonderful addition to personalized beer gift sets and other holiday gift baskets for Christmas, or grab this beer for New Year’s Eve celebrations. *Per 12 fl. oz. serving of average analysis: Calories 90, Carbs 2.6 grams, Protein 0.7 grams, Fat 0 grams. Drink responsibly. Corona Premier Beer. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL.

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