Cribari Cribari California Madeira – Dessert Wine from New York – 1.5l Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best madeira online. Price and reviews available for Cribari Cribari California Madeira – Dessert Wine From New York – 1.5l Bottle. Cribari Cellars’ award-winning Madeira is made by a method called baking which recreates the flavor created centuries ago druing transport from Spain to the West Indies. A deep amber, full bodied wine which is sweet and slightly crisp, with aromas of raisins, dates, caramel and vanilla. It has a full nutty flavor complimented by a fragrant bouquet. Cooking with Cribari Madeira can add hints of complexity complimenting the most savory meat dishes.You can enjoy this fine wine as an aperitif or enhance your meals by adding it to your favorite chicken or veal recipe.

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