DeKuyper Blue Curacao Schnapps, 750 ML

Unleash your inner mixologist with DeKuyper Blue Curacao. This liqueur features all-natural, bartender-quality flavor so you can successfully mix classic cocktails or create your own signature drinks. It’s the namesake addition to a Blue Hawaii cocktail, and it tastes delicious in place of Triple Sec or Grand Marnier in margaritas. The spirited possibilities are virtually endless. Featuring orange, lemon and curacao distillate, it’s ripe with refreshing citrus flavors to elevate your drinks. This product contains no high-fructose corn syrup. Certified color ensures a bright blue finish to your creations. This Blue Curacao liqueur contains 24 percent alcohol by volume. Please enjoy responsibly. DeKuyper Blue Curacao Schnapps, 750 mL:.

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