FitVine Lodi Holiday Red Blend Proprietary – Wine from California – 750ml Bottle


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The ideal gift! Buy the best proprietary red blend online. Price and reviews available for FitVine Lodi Holiday Red Blend Proprietary – Wine From California – 750ml Bottle. From holiday to staycation, every day is a holiday with the FitVine Holiday Red. End of the day; you earned it. Celebrate with less sugar and no flavor additives without sacrificing a robust, full-bodied celebration in a glass. This blend doesnt sacrifice flavor, just sugar (along with calories and flavor additives). FitVine wines contain: – Less sugar – Fewer carbs, calories and sulfites – No flavor additives or GMOs Average Analysis (Per 5oz glass): 0.01g of Sugar, 120 Calories, 3.5g of Carbohydrates @ 13.9% alcohol.