Hakushika Tokusen Junmai – Sake from Japan – 720ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best junmai online. Price and reviews available for Hakushika Tokusen Junmai – Sake From Japan – 720ml Bottle. Since 1662, the finest quality of sake has been produced by the Tatsuuma family in the Nada district, Japan, which is famed for producing fine sake. Today, they are brewing with the water from the Rokko Mountains and the new, state-of-the-art brewery allows them to produce the worlds finest sake while focusing on maintaining Hakushikas time-honored traditional formula. Natures best water, which is called Miyamizu or heavenly water, flowing from the Rokko Mountains, is the perfect complement to over three centuries of Hakushikas brewing tradition. Miyamizu water contains a lot of minerals, such as calcium and phosphates. These minerals promote fermentation of malted rice and yeast, producing tasty sake. Sake contains no sulfates or additives. The major distinction between sakes is their relative dryness or sweetness, slightly sweet being their natural condition; dry sakes undergo a special processing. As one of the oldest sake breweries, Hakushika provides a great Japanese traditional experience.

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