Hartley Hartley Peach Brandy Fruit – 750ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best fruit brandy online. Price and reviews available for Hartley Hartley Peach Brandy Fruit – 750ml Bottle. Aged a minimum of four years, Hartley is crafted with imported Italian brandy to create a smooth, easy to sip Very Special Old Pale Brandy. Superior distillation, packaging and competitive pricing place Hartley in a position to succeed against the leading VS brands. Offering todays hottest flavors made with the same premium brandy base as our VSOP, Hartley brandies are perfect for sipping or mixing. Blended to a perfectly smooth 54 proof, Hartley Peach Flavored Brandy is perfect for sipping and provides a well-balanced base for your favorite cocktails. Tasting Notes: A rich aroma of ripe peaches and caramel with a lively display of fresh peaches accentuated with honey and spicy alcohol. The finish is smooth, clean and fresh.

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