Heineken Light Lager – Beer – 12x 12oz Bottles

The ideal gift! Buy the best pale lager online. Price and reviews available for Heineken Light Lager – Beer – 12x 12oz Bottles. Heineken Light is a well balanced light beer with a bright, golden color, with a mild malty aroma and striking citrus, hop aroma from the Cascade hops. Medium body, crisp, clean refreshing aftertaste, with only 99 kcal per bottle. Our family name is on the bottle. In 1873 Gerard Heineken founded a small, family-owned start-up up. Today over 140 years later the Heineken brewery has grown a little bigger. But it still family owned and the Heineken family name is still on every single bottle of our beer. That’s why every drop that goes into bottle of Heineken must be absolutely perfect. Crafted would just need to go ingredients Heineken is brewed to the same quality all over the world. After all when your family name is at stake you care a little more. So raise your Heineken, here’s to the family!

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