Kahlua Coffee – Liqueur – 750ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best coffee liqueur online. Price and reviews available for Kahlua Coffee – Liqueur – 750ml Bottle. Kahlua coffee-flavored liqueur is made with the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans from Veracruz, Mexico. The climate inthis region of the country producewell-rounded, light-bodied coffee. These qualitybeans are then mixed with sugar cane rum, vanilla bean, and notes of caramel. Theycombine perfectly to make an easy-sipping liqueur enjoyed by millions. Known for its deep brown color and smooth finish, Kahlua is the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. Kahlua is also the primary ingredient in a number of famous (or perhaps infamous) cocktails.The Espresso Martini, The Mind Eraser, and personal favorite of The DudeThe White Russian.

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