Kahlua Liqueur Mexico Mudslide 1.75L


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Kahla Ready to Drink Mudslide is ready for any occasion. This premixed cocktail combines the rich coffee flavor of Kahla with decadent chocolate, sweet vanilla, and buttery caramel. On a warm summer day, you can blend Kahla Ready to Drink Mudslide with a scoop of chocolate ice cream for a refreshing adult milkshake. This blended drink is also ideal for a warm pick-me-up when you mix it with your favorite hot coffee. Since it is ready to drink, you can also pour Kahla over ice for a quick and easy drink to enjoy with friends. Crafted with Arabica coffee beans, the taste of Kahla is familiar to those who love the bittersweet taste of their favorite morning beverage. The creamy and rich flavors taste smooth and complement one another. Kahla Ready to Drink Mudslide has a lower alcohol content than other spirits, making it a good option for a post-dinner drink with friends and family.