Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey – 375ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best whiskey online. Price and reviews available for Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey – 375ml Bottle. Lord Calvert is a Canadian whisky. Simple, crisp and surprisingly smooth. Medium gold. Light body. Dry. Reminiscent of apple, herbs, honey. Soft, light texture. A good blend of fruit and spices in a delicate style. Made from the grains of four regions in Canada. Very sweet to start out, with strong flavors of real maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. White pepper arrives quickly. The palate is very buttery yet surprisingly fresh and lively with piquant peppers and tingling spice. Oak comes through crisply in the nose with the woodsmans balm of freshly sawed planks and just a touch of tannic astringency. Well-balanced and very flavorful, while remaining light and creamy. Finish: Medium-longish with pepper and maple sugar slowly fading to a slightly citric conclusion. Aged for a minimum of three years.

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