Master of Mixes Big Bucket Premium Margarita Mixer, 96 Fl Oz


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Make a delicious beverage in just three short steps with this Master of Mixes Big Bucket Premium Margarita Mixer. It has a vented lid, so you can easily take it on the go. The Master of Mixes Big Bucket Margarita Mixer has a handle, so it is easy to hold, and it is light and easily moves from one place to another conveniently. This 96 fl oz bucket is ideal for enjoying delicious margaritas at the poolside. Share it with your friends and family at parties. Take it to the big game and use this mix while tailgating. You can even take it camping, use it when you are barbecuing and more. Just add tequila or rum to this authentic mix to create a mouth-watering margarita that everyone will love. This Master of Mixes margarita mix pours straight into your glass without spilling, because it has the Dispensa-Rita spout.