Patrn Extra añejo Tequila Anejo – 750ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best anejo tequila online. Price and reviews available for Patrn Extra Añejo Tequila Anejo – 750ml Bottle. Aged for at least 3 years in both new and used small oak barrels, Patrn Extra Aejo is full-bodied and deeply aged with bold notes of sweetness and fruit that can only come with the combination of time and the finest agave. The time spent aging results in a crisp, dark tequila with a smooth taste of roasted agave and a lingering finish of oak and vanilla that sits neatly on the rocks or mixed into classic cocktails. Enjoy Patrn Extra Aejo neat or as a replacement for other aged spirits in your favorite classic craft cocktails. After dinner or as a sweet touch to a long conversation, Patrn Extra Aejo is the perfect tequila to complete any occasion.

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