Pinnacle Cake Vodka Flavored – 750ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best flavored vodka online. Price and reviews available for Pinnacle Cake Vodka Flavored – 750ml Bottle. Offering the aroma of warm frosting, this bakery-fresh vanilla cake vodka has notes of baked vanilla and buttercream for a sweet confection in your glass. Stir it into club soda or an ice cream shake for a top-notch treat. For an indulgent cocktail, mix up a Pinnacle Red Velvet Cake-tini by combining one part Pinnacle Cake Vodka, one part JDK & Sons Crave Chocolate Chili Liqueur, and a splash of grenadine. Shake ingredients with ice, strain into a martini glass with its rim dipped in shaved chocolate, and garnish with fresh strawberries. Or try a simple Pinnacle Limon Cake Fizz by mixing one part Pinnacle Cake Vodka with two parts lemon-lime soda in a glass with ice and a lime wedge garnish.

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