Redd’s Hard Apple Ale Beer – Beer – 6x 12oz Bottles

The ideal gift! Buy the best specialty beer & alternatives online. Price and reviews available for Redd’s Hard Apple Ale Beer – Beer – 6x 12oz Bottles. We are Redds Hard Apple and we celebrate those that are confident enough to take the road less traveled. We know theres pressure to conform or hop on the bandwagon but owning your own choices is core to true happiness. Redds Hard Apple is a refreshing twist on a classic apple taste that was made to stand out and be differentjust like you. We are Redd’s and we believe life should be every bit as colorful as your beer. Redd’s has a light to medium body with a crisp clean finish. It has a golden hue with a few tiny bubbles. Redd’s combines low malt and bitterness cues with a sweet and tart natural apple flavor. Redd’s is a refreshing beer (not a cider) with the crisp taste of apple. Its the perfect beer to share and is brewed with the goal of bringing different together. Hosting friends for a seasonal party or BBQ? Redd’s should be at the top of the shopping list and served for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth (4th) of July, Labor Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and Holiday parties. Add a crisply refreshing Redd’s to your cart to prepare for the next exciting occasion – Reunion, Barbeque (BBQ), The Big Game, College Sports, or your annual Holiday party. Include Redd’s if you are looking for a crowd-pleasing beverage that’s sure to bring people together.

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