Roscato Gold – Red Wine from Italy – 750ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best red wine online. Price and reviews available for Roscato Gold – Red Wine From Italy – 750ml Bottle. BACKGROUND Roscato is an irresistible range of high-quality wines from Northern Italy. Whether you are a fan of sweet, rich, bold or soft & silky wines, Roscato offers a perfect complement to any cuisine. Made from a blend of red grape varieties grown in this beautiful region for centuries Roscato Rosso Gold makes a wonderful aperitif and is also incredibly food-friendly. It seamlessly combines a long-held grape growing tradition with the flair of modern winemaking techniques and style. The result is a wine of enticing character that perfectly meets the surging demand for sweet red blends. With a low alcohol of 7 % and just a touch of sparkle to flawlessly balance the sweetness, Roscato Rosso Gold is the ideal complement for today’s cuisine. Enjoy it with tomato-based sauces, classic Italian dishes, spicy foods and more. COLOR Pale ruby red NOSE Varied notes of red cherry, violet and spice. PALATE Fresh and lively on the palate with a persistent aftertaste; fruity and pleasantly smooth.

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