Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin 200ml Bottle

Crafted from a combination of grain spirit and the finest aromatic plants, Seagram?s Gin is distilled at a low temperature to preserve the botanicals? rich aromas.Seagram?s Gin continues to reign as America?s #1. Since the very beginning, we are proudly distilled in America. Our flagship Extra Dry Gin is a masterful balance of botanicals, among which are juniper berries, sweet and bitter orange, coriander and angelica.Inspired by the success of our award-winning Extra Dry, Seagram?s Gin became the first gin brand to innovate using flavored liqueurs combined with it. Our Twisted Gins lineup features lime, pineapple, peach, apple, red berry, melon and grape flavors, which have also earned top awards in the gin category. Seagram’s Gin. America’s spirits, since always.

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