SVEDKA Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka, 1.75L Bottle, 70 Proof

SVEDKA Blue Raspberry Flavored Vodka is a smooth, easy-drinking Swedish vodka that can be easily enjoyed straight or in delicious cocktails. Made from the finest spring water and Swedish winter wheat, this award-winning blue raspberry vodka is distilled five times to remove impurities, producing a pure, clear taste with a balanced body and a crisp finish. Delivering a full, natural blue raspberry flavor with rounded sweetness in every sip, ending with a hard citrus crank, this SVEDKA vodka is delicious on the rocks or in vodka cocktails like a Blue Heaven, Bitter Raz, Blue Bulldog or Blue Rasmopolitan. Dive in and enjoy a delicious blue raspberry drink. Serve this 1.75 liter bottle of vodka chilled at your next backyard barbecue, poolside celebration or house party. BRING YOUR OWN SPIRIT. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY.

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