Tanqueray Sterling Vodka, 1.75 L (80 Proof)

Raise your standard of excellence with Tanqueray Sterling Vodka. Produced from fine wheat spirit, every bottle of Tanqueray Sterling Vodka is redistilled in an old-fashioned copper pot still to create a smooth, balanced body with a clean finish. The expertise passed on by the Tanqueray family are responsible for Sterling Vodka’s distinctive taste and unique character. For a TSV Dirty Tini, combine with a splash of olive juice, garnish with olives and enjoy. Includes one 80 proof 1.75 L bottle of Tanqueray Sterling Vodka. In 1989, the distiller of one of the worlds most awarded gins perfected a method for producing a vodka worthy of its name Tanqueray Sterling Vodka. Distilled in small batches, Tanqueray Sterling Vodka is crafted to meet the Tanqueray family’s standards of taste, status and unsurpassed quality to create the smooth, balanced body that one would expect from a premium quality vodka. Please drink responsibly.

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