Tecate Light Mexican Beer, 12 Pack, 12 Fl Oz Cans

Our Mexican beer is best enjoyed in the company of friends, so keep some Tecate on hand for whatever gathering you have planned. Punch up barbecues, tailgates or celebrations of any kind, and create the moment now with crowd-pleasing Tecate. Theres never a bad time for a Tecate Light. Whether at home enjoying a barbecue, or down on the beach with friends, crack open a cold Tecate Light and enjoy the light citrus flavor and aroma. This 12-pack of 12 oz. Tecate Light is best enjoyed cold, surrounded by friends, and is perfect for any time of year. Grab a 12-pack when heading to your next barbecue to enjoy the refreshing taste of Tecate Light beer. Tecate An Evolving Mexican Beer Brand Our beer gets its name from the town where it was born: Tecate, Mexico. But, the meaning of Tecate has taken on a life itself. Since 1944, Tecate Mexican beer has been the brand of Man and embodied the masculine values at the heart of Mexican identity. The perception of masculinity has changed over the years, however, and our brand has matured with it. Tecate is at the forefront of promoting modern, inclusive masculinity, while still representing the values of Mexican authenticity and camaraderie. Tecate Beer and Sports Tecate is proud to be the Official Beer of Boxing and sponsors professional soccer teams, including Chivas del Guadalajara of the Liga MX. Share some Cerveza Tecate Mexican Lager Beer with friends at your next watch party! Where to Buy Tecate Beer Find your flavor with any of our three different beers for sale: Original Tecate, Tecate Light and Tecate Michelada Diablo. Find great prices and deals on Tecate beer at Walmart stores or online for easy, convenient pickup. Here are some Tecate Light beer nutrition facts per 12-ounce serving: Alcohol content 3.9% ABV, 110 Calories, 7.9g Carbs and 0g Fat. It doesnt have to be Cinco de Mayo to enjoy a Tecate. Sometimes our beer is best after a long day of work, looking for a little me-time relaxation. Whatever the occasion, remember to stay bold! About Tecate In 1944, Cerveza Tecate Mexican Lager Beer was proudly born in the town of Tecate, Baja Mexico, but was known as con caracter at the time. It gained popularity throughout Mexico and 10 years later was bought by Cuauhtmoc Moctezuma and moved to their cerveceria, or brewery, in Monterrey. They launched the Mexican beer brand nationwide and it has never looked back. Always innovating, Tecate is responsible for a number of firsts in the beer industry. These include the first bottle with a twist-off crown, the first non-returnable bottle, the first 100% aluminum can, and the first light beer in Mexico Tecate Light. In fact, the custom of squeezing a lime into Mexican beer began with Tecate. The companys original Master Brewer brought the idea over from the UK where sailors were given limes in their daily ration to help prevent scurvy. Adding a little lime is still the best way to enjoy a Tecate. Today, Tecate beer is one of Mexicos most instantly-recognizable brands. Just look for the iconic Black Eagle logo, and please enjoy Tecate responsibly.

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