Terrapin Terrapin High & Hazy IPA Ale – Beer – 6x 12oz Cans


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The ideal gift! Buy the best ale online. Price and reviews available for Terrapin Terrapin High & Hazy IPA Ale – Beer – 6x 12oz Cans. Terrapin Beer Co created High & Hazy to meet consumer demand for the growing style of Hazy IPA among craft beer enthusiasts. Hazy IPA is brewed with wheat and flaked oats and is unfiltered to give it a cloudy appearance that is true to style. Hops are added at the end of the boil in order to keep bitterness low and draw out the most aroma and flavor from the hops. High and Hazy pours a hazy tangerine to amber hue with a well formed off-white foam. A plethora of fruity hop aromatics dominate the nose: mango, red grapefruit, apricot, and nectarine. Wheat and Oats give the beer a smooth and silky thick mouthfeel. Subtle hop bitterness and flavors of tropical fruits linger with effervescent carbonation. High & Hazy IPA is the perfect beer for a casual afternoon with friends. Reach for a can of Terrapin High & Hazy at your next family gathering, celebration, or holiday and cheers to good company. Order a High & Hazy out at your favorite bar or restaurant, or bring your own to the neighbors backyard barbeque (BBQ). High & Hazy is a great beer to grab for St. Patricks Day, Memorial Day, Fourth (4th) of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and even Christmas break. Cheer on your favorite sports team during your next tailgate at the pro or college football or baseball stadium, or at a watch party for The Big Game. Whatever it is, add a 6-pack of High & Hazy to your shopping cart or grocery list next time youre looking to celebrate.