Two Lane Seltzer Variety Pack Spiked Sparkling Water, 12 Pk 12 Fl Oz Cans, 4.5% ABV

Two Lane Hard Seltzer is a refreshing, premium hard seltzer inspired by the familiar flavors of home. Made in collaboration with country music star, Luke Bryan, Two Lane Hard Seltzer is made with water from the Blue Ridge Mountains and this 12 pack variety pack includes four flavors inspired by the South: Cherry Limeade, Peach Tea, Blueberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Punch. Inspired by the two lane roads that can take you places a highway never could – a place where friends and good times are waiting and the drinks are always cold. Two Lane Hard Seltzer is a taste of home wherever you go. Contains 110 calories and 4.5% ABV, per 12 ounce serving and is gluten free with natural flavors.

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