Warre’s Warrior Reserve Porto Port – Dessert Wine from Portugal – 750ml Bottle

The ideal gift! Buy the best port online. Price and reviews available for Warre’s Warrior Reserve Porto Port – Dessert Wine From Portugal – 750ml Bottle. Warrior is the oldest mark of Port in the world, having been shipped continuously since the 1750s. The name Warrior was branded on the casks of Warres finest Reserve Ports since the earliest days of the firm. The traditional style has been maintained over the years and it is today a classic full bodied wine with wonderful richness and balance. Warrior is drawn from Warres finest quintas in the Pinho and Rio Torto valleys that produce Warres Vintage Ports. The firms head winemaker, Charles Symington, will select vats of particularly rich and fruity Port to set aside for maturing in oak casks in the lodges at Vila Nova de Gaia.

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